Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New school year has begun!

Here are a few picture of our first day of school. The children were very excited about our new year. We are using My Father's World curriculum this year. So far we are loving it. We are using Exploring Countries and Cultures. We are taking a trip around the world without the cost. We also learn about missionaries ministering in different countries. We have friends in Russia and Africa. Our church support a number of missionaries from other countries as well. Each week we will be making a supper of foods from that particular country we are studying. It should prove to be very interesting since my Husband is somewhat picky. But I'm very excited. Also this past spring an elderly couple that lives near our church gave us FORTY years worth of National Geographic Magazines (yes you read that right). What a treasure these magazines are. All of us have a complete year of the magazine from the year we were born. How neat is that? We have separated all the magazines and have many of them in storage. Ever since I was a child I have always loved looking through the National Geographic. They even gave us their collection of road maps they used when they visited different countries. We can use them for the children to see the roads over there.

We got each of the children backpacks to keep all their supplies, notebooks, ect in. It is easier to organize than boxes or shelves. They then take the backpacks and hang them up at the end of the day. Keeps everything in one spot also.

I found this wonderful cookie blog the other day that has a cookie recipe from all over the world. I am looking forward to making many of these cookies.

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MyJourneyBack said...

Wow I wish I could go back to school. Sounds like a wonderful way to bring these studies to life! My grandson is homeschooled. I have tried to get my daughter in love to check out the blogs but she is hard to persuade. She really needs the encouragement. She gets a lot of grief from family.
I hope you all have a wonderful tour and learn lots. Keep us posted I think the food sounds cool.