Thursday, June 5, 2008

God's Calling

This past Sunday as I mentioned before was the closing of a church that has been very dear to me growing up. Well my husband and I were talking on Monday about God's call to him into ministry. We have talked about this many times in the past. He has been called by God into ministry but what part is unknown to him at this point. When we talked about this in the past we talked about the student loans that we both still have. I suggested we wait until at least one is paid off. Well guess what, my student loan will be paid off in September. Now since my husband is the financial guru he came to me Monday night during our couple Bible study and said "Sweets....." I usually know where that is going...smiling. We agreed that since God worked out our student loan "problem" we are taking the step in faith and he will be going back to school in September. I know this is what God wants, but me as a wife can not help but sigh, not because of what he is taking but the fact that it will take up so much time again. I'm struggling with these feelings and praying about them. I am very excited about this new part in our life in ministry, just not excited about the schooling. Although he will be completing most of it here at home, praise God!

The children on the other hand are very excited. Our son said it best, "Praise God!" Katie said, "Oh boy will we get to move?" Hannah said, "Will we travel like M & R?" (names left out on purpose they are interviewing for a Pastor's position at churches all over) I am so proud of our children for standing up for what we believe. Most of you have read about my former mother in law and what problems she created for us this school year. The children stood up to her, they even witnessed to her. Katie told her that home school is so much more than "book learning". Boy what was I worrying about with her rebelling??? She is the "normal" teenage who does not like school, rules, ect. But I can tell you that our children have grown enormously by leaps and bounds this past year. Just this morning I was reading in the local paper about what kids are doing in PS, this got me. They are taking "pictures" of themselves (adults I think you know what I mean) of them selves with their cell phones and emailing them to their boy/girl friends. One boy has been convicted of possessing child p**n because of it. Now I was no angel in school by any means but what were these kids thinking??? They couldn't of been thinking at all, not with the brain the good Lord gave them. Peer pressure is a word that comes to mind. That is one reason we are home schooling.


Happy Mama said...

OH Boy
thanks for leaving our names out!. i am so glad the kids took it so well! Most kids their age fight tooth and nail because life changes so very much. C-ya Friday!

Heart4MyHome said...

Wow, what an awesome and exciting time this is. Wherever the LORD leads your family, I know you will all be a blessing to all that you encounter along the way.