Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day (I've been tagged!)

It took me a moment to realized what a friend of mine, Happy Mama, meant when she said she tagged me. I'm not all up on the blog world lingo. lol

So anyway, I went over to Happy Mama's house yesterday, its our scrappin day. Usually we take the time to work on our scrap books while the children play, but since Sunday is Father's Day I wanted to finish his cards from the kids. Now a days cards are so expensive and I think they add a little more of a personal touch when you make them yourself. So I found these really cute cards on a family website (which I'll post when I remember it) They only took about 10 minutes to make. Which I will post when I can find my patch cords for the camera...grrrrr, frustrates me when I loose stuff. Ok I didn't find my patch cords but my Father lent me his card reader....Thanks Dad! So here is the picture of the cards we made for my husband.

We went to camp this weekend for an over nighter. Since there are no Church services there until the 28th when the offical season begins, we came home this afternoon. Which was fine with me since it stormed the whole time we were there. Also it was like an oven in the camper. I'll be happy when this round of hot weather is gone! I'm not a happy camper (sorry about the pun on words) when its this hot.


Heart4MyHome said...

I can so relate to heat. It is so hot here now in my part of the world, but Summer has only just more hot days are on the way. UUUGGHHH!!!

Candy- A Pretty Home said...

HI Hon,
Love the cards! Very creative!

Happy Mama said...

great job Jen!