Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday????

Wordless Wednesday??? I am hardly ever wordless. So I'm posting a couple of my favorite photos I took for my photography class.

This is a picture of a tulip from our garden. The tulips were those that my Husbands Grandfather planted for his Mother. Now his Father did not like flowers of any kind so he mowed over the garden. My Husbands Father passed away a few years ago, guess what started growing? These beautiful tulips. We have also planted some Iris plants that came from my Great-Grandmother's garden.

The following pictures are also some of my favorites from that same class. Enjoy. I told you it is hard for me to be wordless!!!!

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Happy Mama said...

People who can't quite have wordless Wednesdays altar the title a bit and call them ALMOST WORDLESS WEDNESDAYS!

Anyway you did a great job and your pictures are gorgeous!