Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Happenings

This past Friday we had a Family Date night. We took the children to the opening of the new Narnia movie. We decided to go to the early show to beat the rush. I'm glad we did. We had only a hand full of people in our theater. When we left there were tons of people waiting to get in. Not sure it was for Narnia or not. OK back to the movie. I HIGHLY recommend this movie. But with reservations. It had a lot of "action" violence in it. Not gore violence. It was very well done. Our son who is 8 LOVED the fighting in it. For anyone who saw the first one...there is more violence in the second. Our youngest is 8 but a pretty mature 8 so he knew that it was a movie and not something he could recreate with his sisters. :-) Especially the catapult scenes! After the movie we went to dinner to the Chinese resturant. That was fun, but the resturant was full of very rude people. It was a buffet style of resturant, our children are taught to wait their turn, but obviously many people don't teach that or follow that themselves. Our children were like small little ping pong balls. But we still had a good time.

Then Saturday we ventured out to my 2 cousins college graduation parties. Thank goodness they are brother and sister and had the party together. My cousin Lindsay graduated with a Masters in Counseling, my cousin Justin is now Dr. Justin! WOOHOO he is also going into pedeatrics. Great when you have children. But unfourtantly he is moving out of state. Many doctors just don't stay here. But I can continue to email him. He has been great through the past 2 1/2 years with all the family health problems. My sister had a brain infection and had to have a portion of her brain removed, my Uncle (Justin's father) had a heart attack during my husband and my baptism at church, my father had a heart attack a year ago December. So he got a lot of hands on learning with our family. I will miss him.

THEN yesterday we went to our camp, a Christian Conference Center, to open our camper for the season. We had to replace the floor in it and give it a good cleaning. So while my husband and Dad were doing the floor my Mom and I cleaned. That is pretty difficult with them using the saw and drill fixing the floors. But we got it all done and ready for next weekend.

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