Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Activities

We had a wonderful day at the museum. My parents ended up coming along with us. Which is so great because we really do not get to spend a lot of time with them since my sister getting sick. If any of you are ever in the Western NY area it should be on your list of places to go. Here is the link if any one is interested. Even just looking at the website will give a lot of information.

There were a lot of activities going on. Since we are homeschoolers we turned it into a learning day for the children. Except they didn't even realize they were learning! Its so great! There was a wreath lying ceremony with someone from each war era. Below is the picture of them in the 21 gun salute.

From there we went and ate our picnic lunch. It has been such a long time since we took a picnic. We had sandwiches, chips, jello, pasta salad and drinks. There is a big hill by the picnic area and the children had fun rolling down the hill. I'm surprised they didn't get sick right after eating.

The museum has a group called the Genesee Harmonics that have been singing together for 18 years. They sang a number of hymns, along with patriotic hymns. Below is the picture of them. It is unknown if the group will continue since the director is retiring, today was her last performance. Thank you to all the service men and women and their families who have made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives so that we may have the freedoms that we have in this great country of our. Also to those who are fighting right now! May God bless you always.


BarbaraLee said...

You should go to the site Ellen fun learning. It's about homeschooling & what they do.
You would enjoy it.

Shari Ellen said...

What neat learning experiences you had on Memorial Day. We've never been to a living history museum before. I love all the pictures that you included.