Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mom, I want to join the military!

Say What?!  Those are the words uttered from my son's lips about a month ago.  I thought it would pass but alas it has not.  I am not sure how exactly I feel.  Most of you already know that he has recently joined the fire department explorers.  He just loves it. 
He has already spoken to an Army recruiter.  It was a "chance" meeting while he was at the fire hall.  He still does not know what branch he wants.  All he knows is that he is called into the military.

 One area of interest is the medical field.  He has been talking about becoming a combat medic.  YIKES!  I still don't know if I should hug him or lock him in his room.  It is all very overwhelming for me.  Don't get me wrong, I could not be more proud of my son.  He is growing into such a wonderful godly young man.  But when I look at the picture above I get knots in my stomach.  My grandfather was in the army.  My father-in-law was a paratrooper in the army.  I know they would both be very proud of Andrew.

I really should not be surprised.  Andrew has always loved to live on the edge.  It really does take a special kind of person to join the military.  I am thankful for each and every one of them.  My brother-in-law served in the Navy.  Andrew spends a lot of time with him.  Perhaps he is the one to blame for this.  Haha just kidding. 

My uncle served in the Air Force.  We have yet to sit down with him and talk to him about his time in the Air Force.  We also know a few others in the Air Force.  Perhaps a trip to visit our friends in Idaho would be on the horizon.  Andrew might be able to go on base.  Not sure how the his dream of being a medic would fit in the Air Force.

No matter what we are proud of the country we live in.  Oh sure it has some troubles, but don't they all?!  Last night Andrew and I watched the movie "Black Hawk Down".  It was a good movie...but not something that made me jump up and down about my son wanting to join the military.  After the movie was over Andrew asked me what I thought.  I said well I've changed my mind...You cannot join the military now!  He gives me a face like this one....

Then he looks at me with those baby blues and says, "Mom are you going to go against God's calling on my life?"  UGH!  That is when I made the same face.  LOL!  I am holding onto the fact that he is only 14 years old and a lot can happen in 4 years.  So how many of you have a connection to the military?  Why did you or them choose the branch they did?  Knowing Andrew he will do so much research into the different branches of the military. 


Kristina said...

My 20 year old daughter just graduated from the Army National Guard, my son graduated from the Marines a few weeks before her. I have yet to have a conversation to find out why exactly they picked the either. My Dad was Navy, one grandfather was National Guard, and one Uncle a Marine. None of them had influence on their decisions. I hope to have time to talk more with them when they are able to come home for a visit.

Conny said...

My husband was in the Army ... he was in the patient administration field & also a "expert field medic". He served a year in a C*S*H (combat support hospital) in Iraq from 2003-04.
This motivation was - quite honestly - money for college. He was commissioned as an office through our school's ROTC program. The officer tract is much more political than the enlisted track, in my opinion - and if you really just want to "do your job", enlist!! My husband actually didn't like being an officer (other than the pay - ha!) and he left the military after 12 years active duty.
That said, the Army was good to us - we can't complain about the benefits - and the travel (we lived in 5 different duty stations to include Germany - and my husband also went to Iraq, the Middle East, and Korea).
The one concern I have about the military isn't so much the "combat" (though I'd prefer to have a Commander-in-Chief whom I have more confidence in these days ...) but the atmosphere for a Christian among soldiers. Drinking and partying and the horrid cursing is such a part of the military world outside of Christ. That said, my husband and so many others I know have stood strong even among much temptation to do wrong.
Keep praying with your boy - GOD will show you His will with no doubts. (Sorry this is so long - something I've thought about a lot)

Sandra said...

Oh my friend, I know the feeling. Nicholas wants to follow in dad's footsteps and plans on joining the Air Force, he wants to be a pilot.

I am so proud of him, but yes, on the other hand I cringe because I don't want to think of my baby boy in the military. Being that he was born and raised on a military base, I can't exactly tell him know, it is in his blood.

If you come to Idaho, we can get you on Base and I'm sure Andrew would love that.

My father in law was a Marine Drill Instructor, my husband's grandfather was in the Army, I have a friend who's hubby is a medic in the Army, and my hubby as you know just retired from the Air Force. Without a doubt, I will say that the best service is the Air Force, for quite a few reasons.....and from the mouths of all those that did and do serve in other branches.

It's so hard to let our babies grow up, but it's in God's hands right?