Friday, July 11, 2014

I am still here...

Just stopping in to say hello and I am still here.  We switched internet providers last week.  Everything worked great for a few days.  Then we had a bunch of storms roll through around the first of the month.  It knocked out the internet here.  We were without internet for about a week!  I am not complaining at all.  It was actually nice to be without.  The kids actually came down and had conversation with us! 

So what have I been up to?  We have been spending so much time outside.  The weather has been just beautiful! 

Although these creatures ate my whole garden they are still lovely to look at!

It was funny to watch these deer.  Andrew would make a little grunt noise and they would stop fast and look at us. 

A friend of mine introduced me to Grace Livingston Hill books.  I just love them!  So I've been reading a lot of these.  Most of them I have found on Paperback Swap.  The one I am reading now is called "Enchanted Barn"  it's about a young girl about 18 years old who needed to find a place to live for her and her family.  She comes across an abandoned barn that she falls in love with.  If you enjoy Janette Oak books you will enjoy these!!

In the book the main character eats a "One Egg Cake".  It sounded really good to me so I searched all of my old cookbooks.  Low and behold I found it!!  I will be posting the recipe when I finish this post.

You will never go back to box cakes again!  I served this with an orange buttercream frosting.  SO good!!

We spent the 4th of July camping.  I just love sitting by the lake.  It is so relaxing.

There was an amazing fireworks show at the lake.  I did not take my camera because we had Charlie with us.  He did not do well with the fireworks.  Poor puppy!  I felt so bad for him.

We have been busy getting all of the services in place for Hannah.  That involves more paperwork than when we bought our house.  I am not kidding with that one!! But things are progressing very well with it.  Hannah is excited to meet new friends.

And of course we have been visiting the Genesee Country Village and Museum.  Summer would not be complete without it.  In just a few short weeks the Laura Ingalls Wilder Days will be here!!  This year we get to meet "Mary" aka Melissa Sue Anderson from the TV show.  We enjoy this so much.

SO how has your summer been?  OH I almost forgot!  We are almost positive I do NOT have cancer!!  My blood work came back normal.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  I am still waiting on one test result but my doctor said she is almost certain I do not have anything!!  Even my cholesterol was normal!! Woohoo!  Thank you all for the prayers and notes of concern!

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