Friday, February 7, 2014

Our Week at a Glance

Our week was such a blessing.  We spent most of the week cleaning out the room we are going to use as a schoolroom.  SO much clutter to go through.  Mostly it was paper clutter with books and magazines mixed in. 

Here is the before....
This is after we had cleared out a bunch of stuff.  Boy does that feel good.  So after some paint and organization here is the after.

This is one side of the room.  I hope to get some pictures and maps to hang on the wall.  Not sure yet what to hang in there.

I have 2 shelves worth of curriculum I will be listing on ebay soon.  Then I will add more baskets to the shelves.  I think that looks much more organized than just books on a shelf.  I love this shelving unit.  My dad built this a long time ago, not sure exactly how long ago.  But I remember this shelf from way back.

We received our books today!!  Doesn't he look thrilled??  He actually IS excited to start his studies again.  So Monday will be the first day of the Abeka Academy.  It's the best of both worlds in my honest opinion!!  He will get an accredited diploma when he graduates.  He can do it all in the comfort of our home. 

The organization of the books came from a friend of mine who uses this curriculum as well.  I love how everything is right there where we need it.  Like I mentioned last week we will be using a block style schedule.  We will try it for a couple of weeks to see how that goes.

So with all the schoolroom planning this week I did have a chance to work on my son's quilt.  We laid it out on the floor to make sure it was long enough.

I even got it all sewn together.  I became frustrated because some of the squares didn't line up like they did when laid out on the floor.  My son said he liked it better not lined up.  He said and I quote, "It looks more redneckish."  Haha So all that is left to do is put the backing on it. 

So how was your week?

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Lucinda @ said...

You did a great job - the room looks amazing! Nothing like a reorganisation to bring new energy to a 2 homeschool!

Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

Yay for a new school area! Hope your new school year goes well!

Farmlife Chick said...

Very redneckish indeed! I want to make a quilt like that! I love it! Can't wait to see it finished!

Christine said...

It feels so good to have organized school stuff! Love that feeling, and I think the quilt will be exceptional. Have a great week!