Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Projects

I have no plans on stepping foot outside.  It is SO cold out there.  I am rejoicing that the sun is shining today.

I stand out at the sink doing dishes just enjoying the sunshine.  It's been such a long cold winter.  We have decided to re-read "The Long Winter" by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  It kind of makes us appreciate everything we have.  Although it has been cold we still have food, shelter and heat. 

I have to admit I am getting a case of cabin fever being inside all the time.  So I have been busy with little projects here and there.  Yesterday I deep cleaned the kitchen including the stove.  That is one task I do not like to do!  Once it is done I feel so good.  But I soon become a kitchen guard when someone walks in. 

Something I have wanted to do for so long now is make a quilt.  All over the internet I've seen rag quilts.  I thought that would be a perfect way to start.  My son has out grown most of his jeans (sigh) so I thought those would be perfect!  The back part is going to be old sweatshirts he no longer uses.  It will be nice and warm for him.

The most difficult thing so far is cutting the jeans up into squares.  But it's an easy task to complete while snuggling on the couch.  I cannot wait to start piecing it together.  What kind of projects do you work on in the winter?


Julia said...

The jean quilt sounds like a neat idea. It's better than throwing away good materiel and besides, it's something that can be very useful. I bet your sone will love it.

I'm hoping for an early spring. We are having such unusual weather but we have heat from the wood stove even if the power fails, food and shelter. We are blessed.

Happy quilting.

Julia said...

Sorry for the typo. that should be " son "

Sandra said...

Can't wait to see your quilt. Reminds me that I have one just sitting around since before the move and I have yet to get back to it.