Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our Dreams

This has been one of the most difficult years we have ever had.  We have had one trial after another.  This has caused my husband and I to start dreaming more and more about our future.  We would one day love to live on a small hobby farm.  We often say that we were both born in the wrong time era.  We are trying to do more and more things on our own.  Trying to get away from things we feel we are too reliant on.

There is nothing more rewarding than doing for yourself.  It might be cooking a meal for your family, or growing a garden.  Knowing that we made something on our own is such a wonderful feeling. 

Only God knows if our dream will actually become a reality.  What we enjoy for the moment is the dream.  A dream of some chickens, pigs and a cow or two.

I think this is why we enjoy visiting the Genesee Country Village and Museum.  It takes us back to another time.  I hope you guys do not get tired of hearing about the museum. 

Growing up I loved the smell of hay in the barn.  We long to one day live out our dream of owning a small farm. 

I kind of envy the Amish from time to time.  They are still thriving doing what our ancestors did a long time ago.  Living off the land, selling products from their farm.  So what are some of your dreams?  Or are you living your dream?


Sandra said...

My dreams are very much like yours, and no, I'm not living mine either. For now we are renting, but I too dream of a farm, a lot of land, veggie gardens, chickens and a cow and other animals too.

Maybe one day we will both live out our dreams :)

susan nichols said...

I dreamed of that life style for years. Then the oppertunity came for us to live this way. I can tell you it is wonderful but a whole lot of work. There is no way I could ever live like the Amish. I am from Upstate Ny and saw how they lived. It took huges groups of them all working together to live the way they do. They worked hard from sun up till bed time. I would live no other way than the way we do now but it is a lot and I have found I have had to cut back on my workload of animals and how much we bake from scratch as I just cant do it all anymore. I am grateful that when I can not get certian things done I can run to the store for a loaf of fresh baked bread or a head of lettuce. We do as much as we can but buy way more in the stores than we would like. :) Love your blog! Hugs for your hard year and may next year be a year of restoration for you. Where the devil will have to give back seven fold for all you have went thru. Blessings, susan

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