Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dig-It Games {TOS Review}

We try to limit our kids exposure to video games and TV.  Then something comes along that just blows that whole thing right out of the water.  That is what we are facing with this current review for the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

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 So without further ado I introduce you to Dig-It Games.  So what do you get when you cross an archeologist and a middle school teacher?  You get the creator of Dig-It Games, Suzi Wilczyski.  In 2005 with the help of Robert Sharer also an archeologist they developed video games that would help children learn about ancient history and promote independent learning.  Children ages 11 years and older (Grades 5-9) can learn while having fun.  Shhhh don't tell anyone but parents enjoy it just as much.

We were blessed to get a year subscription to the new game entitled Mayan Mysteries.  Come along as we join the Team Q  and uncover all the Mayan Mysteries have for us.

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This game was SO easy to get set up!  There were no long downloads.  It was ready to play in a matter of minutes.  That is something I'm always looking for in an online game.  There is nothing more frustrating then having to wait an hour or more to play something. 

Another great feature was that controlling the characters in the game was simple.  The questions were thought provoking and fun.  I have to admit I think I enjoyed this game as much as the kids did.  So many times we set the computer up on the kitchen table and played away.  Often with another computer handy so we could research facts. 

We walked through the ruins searching for artifacts that had been left behind by the Mayans.  As we went along the question became more involved.  We had to decode glyphs.  Honestly I had never heard of glyphs.  Once we really got into it we realized it's just like what we did in grade school.  My friends and I were always making our own language so no one knew what we were taking about. 

Then we moved onto Mayan math.  Of course my kids let out a collective groan when they saw the word "math" come up.  We owe so much to the Mayans. 

Now everyone has heard about the Mayan calendar.  Especially recently since they predicted the world would end.  It was interesting to learn more about it. 

The graphics were amazing in this game!!  If you would like to go and try it out you can sign up for a free demo of the game.

This game is available in many different forms.  You can use it on a PC or Mac for a single user cost of $21.99.  It is also available on mobile devices like an Ipad for $9.99


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