Sunday, May 12, 2013

Our Favorite Place {Family}

If you have been a reader for any length of time you know that we love The Genesee Country Village and Museum.  So it is our tradition on Mother's Day to visit the museum.  Years ago the program on Mother's Day was a lot better.  They use to have women from history interpreting around the village.  I really miss that!! 

We still really enjoy the museum no matter what the program is.  There is nothing better then stepping back into the 19th Century, leaving all of the modern day things behind for a day.  We turn our phones off and just take in the history.  If you are ever in the Rochester, NY area you MUST plan a visit here.

I love it when I am able to capture a beautiful picture of my children.  This doesn't happen too often!  I love these three SO much!
There are benches throughout the village.  I enjoy just sitting there taking in the sights.  This one pictured above is the "Foster-Tuft" house.

Here is the village store.  Here is where a person would purchase the items they didn't make on their own.  Many times the store was also the post office.  There are beautiful displays of fabric.  I just love to stand there looking at it.  The inside reminds me of the one in the Anne of Green Gables movie. 

Many of the houses in the village have beautiful tea sets displayed.  Hannah and I talked about what it would be like to be sitting here sharing tea.  We imagine this would  have been a place where a mother and daughter would talk about things.  Perhaps the daughter was almost the age where she would start courting.  Or they would discuss the goings on of the household.  Ever wonder why things like this are not practiced any longer?  I think it's up to families to bring these things back.

Hannah was able to sit in on a quilting bee.  She honestly did not want to leave!  She was tracing the leaves on the fabric.  Nice and easy for a beginner.  Quilting is something Hannah wants to learn.  I will be incorporating this into her schooling next year.  She is so much like me when it comes to things of the home. 

Our next stop was the Printing Office.  We learned that each letter had to be place into the holder one at a time.  What a job that would have been.  This is for an advertisement.

This is what the advertisement looks like when it comes off the press. 

First the printer loads up the type.  Then he loads it up with ink with this roller.

He then places a piece of paper onto the type and slides it into the press.

He then pulls the lever to pull the press down. 

At this point he pulls the paper off of the type.  It then is hung up onto a clothes line for 24 hours to dry.  That is something new we learned.

The we headed down to the Pioneer Cabin.  Here is Marie sewing up the bed mattress she has just filled. 

She had just finished up her dinner of chicken, fish with biscuits.  I love the smells that come from this cabin.  The chicken was hung up above the fire where it would spin while cooking. The fish was coated in cornmeal which adds an extra crispness.  But in reality it was what the pioneers in this area would have had. 

We sat and watched the chickens for a good 20 minutes.  Just taking in all the museum has to offer.  It really makes me long for a simpler life.  We someday would love a small farm.  Not that farm life is a simple life...but to us its a simpler way of life.  If you get what I mean.  I pray that all of my readers had a Happy Mother's Day.  I know I did!!

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