Saturday, March 2, 2013


I love snow.  There is something so peaceful about it.  We are no strangers to snow here.  This year I have been trying to grab the camera and capture a lot of it.

I LOVE how this looks like glitter on the lawn.  It makes it so beautiful to look at.  Snowfall like this makes me love our large picture window.  I can sit here and watch it fall.

Right near our home is a church building I love.  It reminds me of an old country church I use attend when I was a child.  I find myself thinking back to the services in that small Mennonite church.  I loved everything about it.  Mostly I loved the family feeling.

Hannah enjoys being in the snow more than any of our other children.  Our latest snowfall was such a wet heavy snow...perfect for snowman building.

The snow just seems to collect on all the branches.  Covering the trees with a soft blanket of white.
Ice collecting on the roof.  I love watching them form.  Here we are at March 1.  We are slowly approaching spring.  A time of new beginnings.  I am looking forward to planting our garden. 

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