Friday, February 8, 2013

A Snowy Friday Night

We are experiencing a nice snowstorm.  The above picture was taken around 2 pm.  This was only after an hour of snowing.  It is the kind of snow that is called "heart attack" snow.  It is very heavy.  It brings down trees and power lines.  Thankfully we have not experienced any power outages.

This picture was taken around 4 pm.  You can see we have about 2 more inches of snow.  It really is a beautiful sight out there.  I love just sitting here in the living room looking out our picture window.  The street light casts a soft glow on the road where I can see the snow falling. 

Hubby took today off.  It was mostly because of the snow.  He has cataracts which impairs his vision.  He will be going in on the 21st for surgery on his left eye.  Then on March 7 for the same thing on his right eye.  He is a little nervous.  It is his first surgery ever.  So since he was here for the day I decided it was a great opportunity to do some work here.  My honey do list was getting pretty long.  As my husband puts it, it was a honey do notebook.  Haha

We have been working really hard on cleaning out our spare/storage room.  It will become our daughter Katrina's room.  We are almost done.  We have a large desk and 2 cabinets to remove.  I love the website Freecycle.  I have posted so much on there.  If you have never used it go check it out.  You post items for free and the people come and pick them up. 

Katrina wants the room lime green and pink.  Not my choice of colors, but it is SO her.  It really matches her personality.

We finally heard from our caseworker yesterday!! Our homestudy is in the mail for our signatures!!  WOOHOO!  One step closer to opening our home up to children in need.  We also have contacted an agency that is local with interest in a young boy for possible adoption.  The caseworker was in a meeting so we shall wait for her to call us back next week sometime. 

In the meantime I decided to get started on some blankets.  Above is the one I started tonight.  I have so much yarn I thought this was the perfect project for it.  I find myself praying with each stitch I do.  Praying for the child that this will bring warmth and comfort to.  It brings me such joy to know that even the children who only stay a short time will have these forever.  They will forever have a piece of us.

I shall leave you with a few snow pictures I took this afternoon.  Enjoy and stay warm!



Farmlife Chick said...

It is beautiful out!!!

Sandra said...

Beautiful pictures Jen, what gorgeous snow :)

Will be praying for Matthew as he gets eye surgery done, I bet he's nervous, poor guy.

Can't wait to see your blanket all done.

Great news on the foster care too, that is wonderful.

Miss chatting on Facebook, and I thought I would miss it when I left it behind, but I really don't, it's amazing how much the Lord wanted me out of that environment and how great it feels now that I'm free :)

Hope you are all doing well.

Conny said...

my daughter would whole heartedly approve of a neon green and pink room!!!!! :)

best wishes for the continued foster care progress and your hubby's eye surgery.

Lulu said...

wow, i love snow pics, so lovely, yet so cold..
praying for your hubby..good luck with the adoption..
cant wait to see the blankie..