Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finding my groove post college!

This is mostly a request for prayer.  Ever since I finished my studies at Liberty University I have found it difficult to get into a routine.  I guess after 2 years of college taking up so much of my time the family has just learned to make due.  I have so many projects that have to be done I'm starting to feel overwhelmed.  I have so many things to do I just do not know where to start.  Things are piling up and up.  Perhaps it's just the time of the year we are in.  I always feel so rushed during the Christmas season.  So today after my husband left for work I chose to go to the most relaxing place I know....
I always find comfort in the words written here.  I spent time with my Heavenly Father. 
Then I sat here watching my son play his video game.
I have realized how grown up my children have become this past year.  Now only physically but Spiritually.  They have all grown in Christ so much this year.  That is the greatest joy that came from this past year.  It was a year full of spiritual battles in our family.  All the glory goes to God for this growth.
My prayer is that after Christmas I am able to prioritize the things that need to be done.  It should not be long now before we are approved for foster care.  We could have our first placement by next month.  It is hard to belive that it has been a month today since we finished our training.  Our county is very small, so it takes a while for the paperwork to be completed.  I know it's all in God's timing.  The good thing is that we are ready with beds for the children coming into our home.
I'm working on getting my priorities in order first and foremost.  That requires me staying off this computer most of the day.  I've been sucked back into the facebook drama which I need to step away from.  So often it feels like being back in high school again. 
I'm going to dive into my blogging again.  I need to take a step back for a while to regroup.  I need to work at getting rid of a lot of stuff in our house.  Much of the stuff is books and kitchen items.  I have donate a huge box of Christian books to a local church.  It feels wonderful to rid my life of unnecessary stuff both inside and out!


Farmlife Chick said...

The holidays play a big part in it!! You'll get your groove back!:) you never really got a chance to unwind after school...

Conny said...

something I do like about Christmas is you are given a new year soon after - somehow January 1 always seems like a great place to start over!