Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grace and Truth Books~Courtship & Dating

Grace and Truth Books is a Christian bookstore that is built on the non-commercialize viewpoint.  There is nothing fancy about the books.  They are all books that will build you up as a Christian and strengthen your walk with God.  There are books available for both young and old alike. 
We were given a choice of what we would like to review.  We chose Courtship & Dating: So What's the Difference?  written by Dennis Gundersen.
Ask any parent what word makes them the most nervous and you will almost always hear "dating"!  For us that word really makes us nervous!!  We have 2 daughters ages 18 and 15.  They have both been talking about the "D" word for a long time now.  Now when we say the word "courting" I feel peace.  That word to me speaks volumes.  That is exactly what this book has done for me.  It will really put your mind at ease and give you something to focus on when it comes to your child and their future.
Do not let the size of the book fool you.  It is a mere 90 pages long.  I read through it alone first.  Then I went back over it again.  This time reading it with my daughters.  I asked my daughters first what was their goal in life?  They both answered that they wanted to be wives and mothers.  The modern day view is that you have to shop around to get the right one. 
The quote I loved from the book was from Chapter 6.  "Courtship recommends waiting for one romantic relationship that culminates in marriage.  Dating recommends a series of romantic relationships as the way to prepare for marriage." 
I really enjoyed his viewpoint on this subject.  My husband and I are really entering uncharted waters here with our daughters.  Our son who is 13 could really care less about girls at this moment.  This book is going to help us along this path. 
You can purchase this book for $5.75 from Grace and Truth Books website.  If you would like to see what other books were reviewed by the Crew you can hop on over to the Crew Blog.
Disclaimer~As a member of TOS crew we were sent this book free in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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