Sunday, October 7, 2012

Autumn Fun

It was a beautiful day here today.  We decided to take a drive around the area and take in the sights.  We headed to our favorite pumpkin patch. 
Each of the kids chose their pumpkins.  One of our favorite things to do as a family.
Where we get our pumpkins each year is Coyle's Farm.  It is a very small family run place.  Love it.  We found out the owner's birthday is the same as Andrew.  As a birthday present she gave him a bag of chocolate covered pretzels.  I love small towns!
We had fun playing with the goats. 
Climbing in the hay.
Then it was off to the corn maze.  Throughout the maze there are little fun things to see.
Oh no! Andrew is caught in the giant spiderweb!  I love his sense of humor.
A little critter "caught" in a cage. 
Then we headed off into the woods for a little hiking.  The trails were covered with the beautiful leaves.  I love the smell of autumn.  The leaves crunching under your feet.  The cool temperatures nipping at your nose.  I love living in NY this time of year.
We just couldn't help ourselves....
we just had to throw the leaves up in the air.
I love the look on their faces.
Stopping to throw rocks into the water.
We found some really BIG leaves on our walk. 


farmlife chick said...

Looks like an awesome day!!

Sandra said...

LOVE your pictures, have to say the leaves thrown into the air are my favorites. Then again the close up of the kids as well and the rock in the water....well I love them all LOL