Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Family Time Fitness

Gym class is something that really falls off for us.  At least a structured class.  So when we were given the opportunity to review Family Time Fitness we were so excited.  We were sent Fitness 4 Home School Core 1 Curriculum for Grades K-8
Family Time Fitness was designed with homeschoolers in mind.  Like I mentioned we really drop the ball when it comes to PE.  So hubby and I decided, hey if the kids can do it so should we.  So this is why there will be no pictures...I was busy having a wonderful time exercising. 
So here is how this went....
The lessons are ALL done for you.  All you need to do is exercise.  *sigh* no more excuses for me!  I often have excuses when it comes to exercise.  This is designed to get the whole family off the couch and active.  OK So back to the lesson...
The equipment we need for the lesson is listed as well as the skills that will be taught.  You will begin with warm-ups.  We did leg swings, toe raises, rocking horse series and fun warm-up games.  Best thing is there is a video link to show you exactly how to do the exercises.  For the first lesson we needed a jump rope.  OH MY!  I think the kids did more laughing than actual exercise.  I threatened to give them a zero for the class if they didn't stop.  HAHA!  I had not jumped rope since...well I can't really remember.  I entertained jumped rope for a few minutes and then had them play some games.  This is perfect timing because the weather is now cooler and we enjoy being outdoors.
One of our favorite games was the "Cross the River".  We placed bricks on the lawn and pretended to cross over the river.  I can only imagine what the neighbors think of us now! 
We also like that there are a number of activities you can do indoors.  Even if your space is small.  Its all about getting up off the couch and moving!
You can purchase this curriculum for $57.00 from the Family Time Fitness website.  There are 260 planned lessons for you to use.  The suggested time to complete is about 3 days a week for about a half an hour.
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Disclaimer~As a member of TOS review crew we were sent this product free in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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