Sunday, August 12, 2012

Math Made Easy~Multiplication

Math Made Easy was created by Glenda James.  It is a simple workbook designed to help children in grades First and Second (Addition);  3rd and 4th (Multiplication) master the basics without using their fingers.  It only takes 6 weeks to do so.

They have addition and multiplication to choose from.  Each set sells for $24.95. 
The book includes:
Lesson Plans
Daily Activity Sheets
Flash Cards

Although this was created for children younger than ours, it is a great tool for extra practice.   The lessons are very short.  That is something I love.  Everything was laid out for me.  Something I've said before I love.  The flash cards were a favorite of ours.  As well as the games.  I think this is going to take us a little more than 6 weeks.  That's ok for me.  That is the joy of homeschooling.  Kids can learn at their own pace.

All of the lesson plans, worksheets, games and flash cards are all in ONE book.  The worksheets are all labeled for me.  They are labeled the week number and the day of the week to be completed.  It cannot get any easier than that!!  The worksheets are fun ones.  Not just a page full of math problems.  For example, week 1:Monday was a color by number.  At the end of each week is a review worksheet.  Each week's review has more problems added on.  This was great, it built up the kids confidence before giving them more problems.

This is a great system.  There is an equal balance of worksheets and games.  If you children are struggling with addition or multiplication go on over to Math Made Easy and check them out.

As always go on over to Homeschool Crew's blog and see what my crewmates are saying about this.

Disclaimer~As a member of TOS Homeschool Review crew we were sent this free in exchange for our honest review.  All opinions are mine or my children.


farmlife chick said...

I am going to order this one. I had the addition one and i really like it. I am excited to get multiplication.

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Jojo P. said...

Practice makes perfect, so it is important to purchase this worksheets for our children to practice solving at home. Instead of playing online games we can offer this worksheets as their activity at home.

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factivation-for-multiplication said...

Maths has difficulty with multiple-step math problems.

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