Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Judah Bible Curriculum~TOS Review

Judah Bible Curriculum is designed to help you and your family learn how to study and research the Bible.  Most importantly be able to gain true understanding of it.  The Bible is the textbook.   Just knowing and memorizing Bible verses and stories is not enough.  We need to study to learn the true character of God, God's ways, His purpose for the world and purpose for our lives.

This can be used with all ages.  From the young to the old.

Judah Bible Curriculum uses the principle approach to learning.  What does that mean you ask?  Well here it is from their materials:

"The purpose of the Principle Approach is to restore Biblical Christian scholarship to God's people. This Christian scholarship includes learning to research the Bible, developing the ability to reason cause to effect from the Bible basis, understanding every area of life from the Biblical world view, and learning to write effectively to communicate these ideas to others. Christian scholarship also teaches the student to think governmentally, that is to recognize who or what is in control and the relationship between God's sovereignty and man's character, between God's government and man's responsibility to govern under God."

I honestly must say that I had a hard time grasping how this curriculum is designed to be taught.  To me it seems like this was more of a teacher training curriculum than a student curriculum.  Perhaps it's that I'm just not use to this way of teaching.  We were given a download of the materials as well as MP3's to listen to.  The MP3's I found VERY encouraging. 

At this current time in our lives, I do not have a lot of preparation time when it comes to lessons. 

We did use this as a part of our family Bible time.  My husband read the passage and we discussed what was read.  We were encouraged to develop a notebook while using this.  The curriculum is divided into weekly themes.  At the end of the school year you will have a very detailed bible notebook that will help them share about the Bible in depth.

I love that the Bible is the only text you need!  So often we try to use many other materials to help us understand Scripture.

You can purchase the Judah Bible Curriculum one of two ways:

As a download~$44.00
As a hard copy~$69.00

With either way you will receive:
Judah Bible Curriculum K-12 Manual or Ebook
Elementary Notebook Ideas Booklet or you can view online
Teacher Training Mp3's (8 of them) on CD, download or listen online

Disclaimer~As a part of TOS Homeschool Review crew we were given a download of all material free in exchange for our honest review.

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Conny said...

well, I was just coming over here to check you out because you left a comment on my happy homemaker post that you review for TOS - and sure enough, here's a post about it!! LOL
I applied to review as well ... guess they'll get back to me. :)
Thanks for your advice/encouragement - I am truly mainly homeschooling my 11 year old daughter because I feel like I do not understand her (she is so NOT like me!!!!) - and my 13 year old son - and 2 year old - just get to come along for the wild ride ... :) I can't wait!