Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TruthQuest History~TOS Review

TruthQuest History is a literature based history study.  This is not just a what happened in history course.  This is a study that will "seek God's truth...embedded in the flow of history."  This history course will take on a life of it's own.  Your kids will look forward to history class.  They will not only learn history...they will live it.

Each child is different....that is nothing new to anyone.  Each child learns differently as well.  TruthQuest History helps you (the teacher/parent) teach your child history in a fun and informative way....with books!!  The book list for each topic is exhaustive.  Do not feel you need to use every book on the list.  That is the joy of this program.

The program we were sent for review purposes was TruthQuest History for Young Students III~ 1865-2000+

From the Wild West to World War II...the Wright Brothers to the Vietnam War...Artic Explorers to the tragic September 11.  Topics to keep you knee deep in history for a long time.   If you would like to see a list of topics you can go to their website HERE.  You can view a sample HERE.

You can purchase this curriculum on the website:
For a printed copy....$29.95
For a PDF copy...$24.95

We loved this curriculum!!  At first glance I thought...oh this is a nice list of books to use for unit studies.  BOY was I mistaken.  This is SO much more than just a nice list....it is that and much more.

So far we have studied pioneers...we have studied them many times before but never like this.  Not only is this a book list...but it is a time saver as well.  All the hard work is done for you.  We have done a lot of unit studies in our years of home schooling.  It has taken me many hours of planning and searching in order to teach them properly.  This is all done for you.

We also studied the history of Trains.  So with our book list in hand we headed out to the library.  We came home with...
The sight of books is pure joy to me.  The kids could not wait to get home and start reading these books.  Many of the topics also have some movies to go along with the topic you are covering.

I love that I did not have to stand or just read "boring" history facts to the kids.  They were able to read about it and actually live it through the books.

Our children are old enough that they can just grab a book and go to their favorite reading spot.  Nothing warms my heart more than to see my children with a book in their hand.

So if you want history to bring a smile to your child's face...you H.A.V.E to check out TruthQuest History.

Disclaimer: I received a PDF copy of TruthQuest History free in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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