Sunday, April 22, 2012

God's Great Covenant~TOS Review

God's Great Covenant is a new Bible curriculum from Classical Academic Press.  It is written for grades 4th and up.  In this course children will learn about Jesus from the cradle to the cross.  It uses stories, worksheets, memory verses, devotional guides, quizzes and a little boy named Simon. 

There are four units in this study:
Unit 1: Jesus, the Son of Man, Has Come...To Live Among His People.
Unit 2: Jesus, God's Servant, Has Come...To Proclaim the Good News.
Unit 3: Jesus, the Messiah, Has Come...To teach About God's Kingdom.
Unit 4: Jesus, the Son of God, Has Come...To Conquer Sin and Death.

Within each unit there are individual chapters.  In each chapter there is a Lesson Theme...for example in Chapter 8 the lesson theme is..."The Son of Man satisfies man's spiritual thirst."

Each chapter consists of:
Theme~What is this chapter about.
Scripture~What Scripture references are in the chapter.
Memory Passage~Memorization
Key Facts~From the chapter.
Prophecy Fulfilled~Prophecy from the Old Testament that have been fulfilled.
Story Time~Lesson materials.
Worksheets~These are to review what was covered in the lesson.
Chapter Quiz~Test to see what was learned.

Read a SAMPLE lesson on their website.

Available from their website is:
 Teacher's Edition ~ $29.95
Audio Files ~ $9.95

Classical Academic Press does it again!!  Just because something is written for children does not mean it needs to be cute little stories where everything looks bright and cheery.  I love that in some of the spots in the lesson, the words are explained and defined.  Hebrew and Greek is touched upon in this curriculum.  Everything is explained in a way that any child or adult can understand it.  You do not find that very often in Bible a curriculum.  You either have something that speaks way down to children, or way up to adults...if that makes any sense. 

I am looking forward to going through this more next year.  This can also be used as a family Bible time study.

Disclaimer~~I was sent this curriculum free as a member of TOS Homeschool Review Crew in exchange for my honest review.

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Kym Thorpe said...

We loved this Bible study too!

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Stefanie said...

We really enjoyed this too. My daughter asked to keep going with it. High praise.

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