Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Amazing Science~TOS Review

Science and Math website has a new DVD!  It's called Amazing Science.  The DVD's come in a 2 disc set.   The DVD's sell on their website for $19.95.  They also have a Math Tutor DVD as well, available on their website.  Also, when you sign up via their website for updates you will get FREE science and math videos.

Here is the DVD trailer...

Now back to the DVD's.  Like I mentioned the DVD's come in a set of 2 discs.  There are 23 science experiments in the set.

DISK 1 contains the following experiments:
Color Changing Milk
Egg in a Bottle
Exploring Air Pressure
Build a Lemon battery
Inverted Cup of Water
Candle Suction Power
Amazing Magnetic Force
Lift and Ice Cube with String
Unburnable Money
Matchstick Speedboat
Cloud in a Bottle
Reversing an Image with Water

Floating Eggs
Keeping Paper Dry Under Water
Dry Ice Bubbles
Balloon in a Candle Flame
Ocean in a Bottle
Build a Motor with Lights
Simple Lava Lamp
Invisible Ink
Density Tower
Soda Can Fizz
Build a Motor #2

These are the most amazing science experiments I have ever seen.  Not so much what the experiments do but how easy this makes teaching science.  When this arrived in the mail the kids fought politely talked among themselves about what experiment to do first.  I have never seen our children so excited to do science as I have been this past month.  Although I have caught them watching this DVD after hours I try not to complain about that.  As long as they are learning.  And learn is what they have done.  All of the concepts are explained in detail in the videos so they will learn science just by watching.  I highly recommend this DVD!  We are going to look into the Math Tutor ones for next year as our children struggle in that area.

Disclaimer: We were sent this product free in exchange for our honest review. 

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