Sunday, February 26, 2012

BeeYouTiful~~TOS Review is an online company where you will find all kinds of helpful information regarding your health.  You can find everything from nutritional supplements, natural skincare, and other items that will help you strive toward that healthy lifestyle.

As a part of the crew we were sent....

This sells for $3.00 per tube. 

I have to say my lips have never been happier!  During the winter they really dry out.  But I've been using this a month with great results.  This is something I will continue to buy.  I have yet to find a lip balm that really works...until now!

We also were sent...

Ow! Ease. sells for $15.00

This is a salve that has a blend of herbs used to relieve the pain of muscle strains, bruises, sprains and pulled ligaments.  It works quickly and effectively to reduce the swelling and muscle pain.

When I first saw this I thought yeah right, this will never work.  HA!  Was I wrong.  I have 3 children that are always coming to me with bruises.  So I got out our Ow!Ease to give it a try.  I really liked the gentle lovely smell of this.  The kids said it really did make their bruises feel better. 

But wait there's MORE...
In 2008 I broke my back and it required major back surgery.  Ever since then I've had nerve pain in my legs and feet.  It's something I just have to live with.  Until now!  I'm serious here folks.  I decided to rub this on my left calf where the pain was the worst.  It really did help.  I put it on each night now.  I no longer have to take the sleeping pills to fall asleep.  My liver and kidneys really thank Beeyoutiful!!

I can not say enough about this salve.  I wish it came in a larger quantity.

Go on over to the crew blog and see what my fellow crew mates are saying.

I received both of these products free as a part of TOS Homeschool Review Crew.

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