Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TOS Review~~E-Mealz


E-Mealz solves the What's for dinner questions!  Founded in 2003 by Jane DeLaney, wife of an associate Pastor and mother to 4.  E-Mealz was formed out of the frustration Jane was feeling over the difficulty of pulling dinner together for her own family.  Her sister Jenny Cochran came along side of her to develop what we know today.

A three-month subscription costs $15.00.  You may change meal plans once during the three months should you find that the menu you picked does not work for you.

It's as simple as 1-2-3!  After you register, you have over 6 different plans.  A new menu comes out each week.  You print and go.  Come home, cook and enjoy!

You can see below all of the different plans that are offered.

Planning our meals is something I've never gotten the hang of.  For whatever reason, it's something I just never did....Until now!!  Although I do not have to plan at all.  This meal plan website is the best thing since sliced bread!!  The meal plan we picked was the meal plan from Aldi's.  But we did use the change option.  We found that the "Any Store" meal plan was for us.  I especially loved this because I could print the menu and grocery shopping list.  I put the menu on the refrigerator and gave the shopping list to my husband!  He did the shopping.  L.O.V.E it!!

The recipes are listed right on the menu.  So I hung it on the refrigerator ready for supper time.  The recipes were so easy AND delicious.  We did not have a meal we did not like.  Not only do you get the plan for the main dish, but side dishes as well! 

One day we had this:

 Chicken and Cannellini Soup (couldn't find cannellini beans so we used kidney beans)

Another day we had this:

Portabella Pot Roast

We also had this:

Hamburger Pizzas

Like I said before...we had nothing we didn't like.  All the recipes are very quick and easy to make.  Even for beginner cooks.  I am hooked on this!   This has taken a big weight off my shoulders.  I use to have all day to plan on what we were going to have for supper...then my husband's hours changed at work.  He now works afternoons and we eat our big meal at noon.  This does not give me a lot of time to plan.  This has solved this problem.  Thank you E-Mealz!  It is SO worth the money!!

As a part of TOS Homeschool Review Crew I was given a 3 month subscription free in exchange for my honest review.

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