Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review~~Molly Saves! In the Dining Room

This issue really excited me!  In our new home we have a dining room.  In this issue you will find a ton of money saving decorating ideas.  A favorite of mine was the "Make a Perfect Gravy".  Now there is a story behind why I loved this article.  When I was a teenager my Mom was leaving for the evening and put me in charge of making the gravy for supper.  BUT she left the instructions with my sister on how to make the gravy.  It was on the back of the french onion soup mix.  Easy right?!  You'd think so.  I got to work on my task in making gravy.  Packet of french onion soup (check), sauce pan (check), chicken stock (check), sour cream (check).  WHAT?! you don't put sour cream in your gravy.  I know I was shocked also...but my Mom 's gravy was always the best.  So I got to work in cooking the gravy...and cooking...and cooking.  Before too long I could not move the spoon in the pan.  It stood straight up in the pan.  I turned off the heat and left job here was done! LOL!   Needless to say Dad ordered pizza that night.

Another thing I loved about this issue was the cute craft links you can make for the upcoming fall holidays.  These are one that we will be making with my kids....
We are spending Thanksgiving here this year. 

Not only will you get the fun decorating links in this issue, but you will also get recipes, printable calendar pages, but fun ways to decorate your dining table.  You will also learn how to reuse your candle pieces and turn them into new candles!  Where else can you get all this and more for under $5.00? 

You can purchase the October 2011 issue of Molly Saves! In the Dining Room for $4.95.  But for only $3.95/month you can become a Molly Member.  Where not only do you get the current month's issue but you get a lot of extra member only ebooks and links.

***I was given the current issue free in exchange for my honest review.***

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