Monday, October 3, 2011


This weekend we went to see the movie Courageous.  I can not say enough about this movie!  Both my husband and I were really moved after watching this movie.  We now know that a spiritual revival needs to take place in our homes....starting with the men!  I'm telling you I have not laughed, cried, and been on the edge of my seat for a movie in a long time.  I must also admit that my husband was just as moved as I was....if not more.  He is fired up!!  He wants to start a revival in homes across our area.  

You can watch the movie trailer below:

After the movie we headed to the bookstore.  Now for me that is my favorite store.  But my husband wanted to go and see if we could find the book Courageous.  I was thrilled to find out they had sold out!!  I started searching the shelves and at my delight we found the book Courageous Resolution for Men

This book builds on the message of the movie for men.  The Kendrick brothers encourage men to face their past and take charge of the future!  Besides the Bible and text books, I have not seen my husband devour a book so fast.   We got the book Saturday and he is more than half way through.  He was so challenged by the movie that he is ready to roll and fire up men to take charge of the family again.

If you have not seen this movie...PLEASE do so.  Go with your husband.  We did take our children to see it as well.  This movie will have you laughing, crying and gasping all with in a few minutes of the opening scene.

We as wives need to also step up and encourage our husbands.  Here is a great list of "50 Ways to Inspire your Husband."  We can not sit back and watch our husband's rally around each other.  We as women, wives and mothers need to step up and encourage our husbands.

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