Friday, August 26, 2011

Book Review~~Too Blessed to be Stressed


In Too Blessed to be Stressed, you'll find simple, practicle steps for attaining the peace that you crave as you struggle with the stresses of finance, health, career, relationships, self-image, and family.  You'll discover healing, refreshment and revitilization for your own spirit, body and mind through heart changing real life stories, biblically based insights and short chapters for on the run conviences.


This book is a must read for every woman!  While reading this book I found myself crying, then laughing histerically on the next page.  I think my family thought I had finally lost it.  Us women try and do it all, therefore filling our schedules up...causing us stress.  Debora's writing is witty and also very inspiring.  You will laugh the stress right out of your life.  One thing that really stuck out for me about this book was when she asked about our To-Do lists.  Are we putting ourselves on it?  Hmm. No I do not give myself enough time....15 that too much to ask?  I highly recommend this book!!

***As a part of LitFuse Publicity Group I recieved this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.***

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