Friday, April 22, 2011

Healthy Home~~Weekly Weigh In

From now on I'll be linking up to Healthy Home.  This was known as Fit Mommy Friday, but the hostess of this meme could no longer do this.  This is where I will document our journey as a family to shed the extra pounds.  We are also changing our lifestyle at the same time.  I've often thought about my Great Grandparents....mainly my Great Grandmother who lived until the age of 99!  She never once went into the hospital until the week she died.  I don't even think she went to the doctor.  I thought about what she use to cook for us while visiting.  Yes these were often high fat foods, but always natural ingredients.  We are living in a society of the grab and go!  High salt prepackaged foods.  Have you ever looked at what is in those packages?  No wonder we are not living as long as our ancestors did.  Food now a days is fake!  We are also a very LAZY society!!  I can't remember a time when I ever saw my grand parents sitting around!  Still my grandmother is in her 90's and still runs around.  There is no getting around that...We are getting back to the way of our ancestors.  Growing and preparing our own foods.   Eating healthy isn't just about a lot of fruits and veggies and cutting out the fat.  It's about wholesome food AND getting off the couch. 

I want my children to learn how to grow their own foods, prepare the food, and preserve the food.  It's not that hard at all.  No matter what you think.  Even if you live in an apartment, or have little land.  It does not take that much space to grow veggies.  IF you just plain do not want to grow veggies go support the local farmers at the farmers markets.  Buy a large amount of them and freeze them.  You might surprise yourself and really like putting up your own foods.  

Now to my weekly weigh in....I have not been to a Weight Watchers meeting in 2 weeks.  In that 2 weeks we had 3 birthdays.  Which means cake and other goodies.  I faced the music this morning and I gained 4.8 pounds!  At first I was very angry with myself, but my son said to me in that little cute way..."You came here to weigh in today mommy, that is the first step!"  I asked him if he had been talking with my friend Jen M??!!  That's exactly what she tells me all the time.   I am going to get back on track and shed this weight!

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Lorie said...

Great post. I agree that most of today's health problems are more about "fake" food than fat content.

Growing and putting up our own food is a great way to increase our health.


Briana said...

We try not to eat packaged foods except for treats once in awhile.

I'm trying to make my garden really productive this summer. I want to can some tomatoes so we can eat more home grown foods in the winter too.

I hope the weight loss gets easier for you!

Annie Kate said...

Eating 'real' food makes all the difference. That and getting off the couch, like you said.

You just keep right on keeping on. One step at a time.


Annie Kate

Tracy's corner said...

Today is a new day. you can do it. I'm doing weight watchers too. Lost about 14 pounds so far.