Monday, January 10, 2011

My Quiet Time Space

Reading a post from Melissa Taylor today got me to thinking about my own space.  We have no extra space here let alone space just for me.  So instead of complaining I put my thinking cap on and got to work.    I started looking at every inch of the house.  All 900 square feet of it.....bedroom, no extra room in there.  Kitchen....nothing there either.  Bathroom...lets not even go there...LOL! rooms.  Then it hit me.  We have an old computer desk in the dinning room that has doors on it that we used to shove things in when people come over.  YES!!!  I have my "girlie cove" as my  husband called it!! 

BEFORE...this drives me crazy to actually put this on my blog.  EEEK what a mess!!  But like I said it was a store all spot.

Since I'm starting classes on Monday I need a spot to study.  As well as do my quiet times with God.  My husband amazes me at how he can just lie on the couch or in bed and study.  I have to be sitting at a desk or table.  I have to be able to take notes and read.

So after about an hour of cleaning and organizing I finally finished my spot!!

Where the keyboard was pulls out.  It's great for writing on.  I'm SO excited.  I used scrapbook paper on the back part of it.  I also had the scripture sign for a while just waiting for a place for it.

Here is the back of my "girlie cove".  A close up of the Scripture sign.  I will be hanging up some more pictures and such as time goes on.  I really like the uncluttered look!!  I might just leave it like this.

31 Prayers for my Husband calendar.  I had this tucked in my Bible but I love having this right there for me to glance at each day.

I just can not leave out my pictures of Heinz Field.  This might turn into my Steelers wall...LOL!

I am participating in the Made to Crave online Bible Study starting next week.  This book is GREAT!!  I had hoped to have my review up today, but they have asked us to wait on it.  So this space will be getting a lot of use. 

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