Thursday, December 2, 2010

TOS Review~~Master Rulers

I had many pictures to post but somehow they got deleted!  So all the pictures here are from the website.

What is it?
Master Innovations began with the simple goal to have each child in a classroom own a Master Ruler. The Master Ruler has been a great success, and very probably you have heard of it. After many years of Research & Development they now also bring us The Master Clock, The Master Fractions, The Master Angle and the Marvels of Measurement Poster.

As a TOS Homeschool Crew we received...The Master Ruler (one of each, metric and standard), Master Ruler Workbook and The Marvels of Measures chart.

What we thought:
When I first saw these rulers from Master Innovations,  I confusing.  It looked like there was so much going on.  The more I looked through the materials the more I started to like them.  With rulers in hand our children went to work.  Since this is the season we have SO many lady bugs around they found one and made sure the chart we were sent was accurate!  Yes it was!

We have 2 daughters that have learning disabilities.  It takes them some time to learn new concepts.  These rulers worked very well for them!!  The rulers are like many rulers in one.  With each of the different layers they were able to see all of the connections.  They were even very aware that they had learned fractions at the same time!  It all connected for was like a light bulb going off.  I LOVE when I see that.

Purchasing information:
Includes: 1 Standard Master Ruler
1 Metric Master Ruler
1 Teacher's Master Ruler
1 Master Ruler Workbook (reproducible)

We really like using these and plan to continue with them.  To see what other homeschoolers had to say about them go HERE.

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