Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

We really do not decorate a lot around our house.  I believe it takes away from what CHRISTmas is really about.  Also, it's just more I have to put away. 

Decorating the tree.

This is Hannah's favorite time of the year.

Here is how Katrina helped us! LOL! She did help more than this, but would not let me take her picture.   I am such a proud mama with my teenager!  Last weekend she hit the streets sharing information about the church we are starting with a few other families.  She was not afraid or shy about telling people in our town.  Even after the very first person she talked to said NO.  She kept going.  I do not know of many teens who are willing to do this.

The only one tall enough to put the angel on the tree!

This is a crocheted CHRISTmas tree my Mom made me.  I love it.  I wish I could crochet like her.  I just need to do it more and I would be able to.

We had a cookie baking day at church yesterday.  7 of us got together and made cookies.  We use to do it at a woman's home but outgrew that quickly.  This is a little like a cookie exchange, but it's fun to get together and bake.

This is only half of what we ended up with.  We had 4 huge tables full of cookies.

My greatest accomplishment recently is my quest to read through the Bible!!  As you will remember a while ago I posted about the challenge that was given to me.  Read through the Bible in 4 months.  I'm so blessed I took this challenge.  You can read my post HERE

How are your CHRISTmas plans coming?


Sandra said...

Oh my goodness that crochet tree is ADORABLE. You have go to get into crocheting, I actually taught myself, went online and found tutorials and pictures and videos LOL

Now I can't get enough :)

Love all your pictures too and I laughed with the teenager thing, she looks to be helping as much as Jasmine usually does LOL

So proud of what she did though, you are right, not many teenagers would have the courage to do so.

Lynn said...

Wow, awesome job on reading through the Bible so fast. Your cookie baking day at church looks fun, too. My challenge for December is simply to read one chapter of Luke every day, then by Christmas I'll be done. It is fun and easy to keep track of where I should be. :)