Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Review~~Molly's Money Saving Digest October

I just had the pleasure of hearing Molly speak at the TOS Expo!!  How inspiring she was!  I'll talk more about that during next month's review of Molly's Money Saving Digest.  She gave us a little glimpse on what it will be about!  An area that I am SO lacking in!

Ok now back to this months digest.  This one was a favorite...I think I've said that each month! LOL!  They are all great!  This one started off with a topic dear to my heart....SOUP!!  Soup really brings back a lot of wonderful memories.  My grandparents made soup all the time.  There is nothing like a large bowl of soup to warm the body and the soul.  Not only that but it is a nice way to stretch the food dollar.  This week we have had soup each day because we just did not have the money to grocery shop...I know gasp!  But never fear we have not gone hungry.  There is nothing better to get your creative juices flowing in the kitchen than having to dig deep in the pantry or freezer to create meals.

Here is a sneak peak of some of the pages you will receive in this month's issue.  I tell you Molly's Money Saving Digest gets better each month!!  I mean for $4.95 you get a TON of money saving tips and ideas.  As well as fun projects you and your children can do.  Many of them would make wonderful Christmas gifts!!

Next week I am going to be cooking my way through the digest making the wonderful recipes she has shared!!  I can not wait to make the Three Sister's Chowder!  There is a link to the Hillbilly Housewife's website where she gives you the recipe for the Cream of anything soup.  I made this and used it in today's supper...let me tell you the only thing missing in this is a blood pressure raise with all the sodium in the canned cream soups!!  It was SO good and super easy to make!  Best of all it was made with ingredients I already had here!

You can even visit the Econobusters blog for more information on saving money.  I've had to cut a lot this week and learn how to make do with what we have.  Go on over to the The Old Schoolhouse store and purchase this ebook.

Molly also offers a Molly Membership for $3.95 per month.  You get not only the digest of the month you get extra member only downloads and money saving links.

To keep everything in an organized binder go on over to The Old Schoolhouse store and download these FREE...yes I said FREE binder covers.

This digest was given to me in exchange for my honest review!  Thank you Molly for showing me cutting costs in our budget doesn't mean going without!!

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