Monday, September 13, 2010

Vintage Baseball

As I mentioned before about our daughter volunteering at The Genesee Country Village and Museum. Well our son has also started doing the same thing....except he, for the most part will be helping out with the vintage baseball.  The only "downfall" that they said was that either my husband or myself would have to stay with him the whole day....oh bummer! LOL!

This is the entrance to the baseball park...yes there is even a baseball park within the museum!

Here he is in costume!  I thought he looked like a little farmer boy!  Then again I thought he looked like Tom Sawyer! :-)

It is difficult to see in the picture but this told about the rules of baseball back then.  If you've never seen a game played by vintage rules I highly suggest you find one, either online or in person!  The first game Andrew worked was played by 1865 rules and the second was 1864 rules.  The main difference we noticed was that you could catch a ball on one hop in the 1864 rules.  Boy, talk about learning something foreign!!  I love baseball but these rules will take some getting use to.

Getting the field ready.

Players getting ready.  The ball they used back then could not weigh less than 5.5 ounces but could not weigh more than 5.75.  It was made out of India-rubber and yarn then covered with leather.

He is the cutest roustabout I've ever seen!  We know the roustabout as a bat boy in today's terms.

The Live Oak team.  Sorry I did not get a picture of the other teams.

The striker!  Or as we know it...the batter.

Flower City player.

Dew drop = slow pitch.  They did not pitch like in today's game.  They pitched underhand.  Pitcher was called a bowler, hurler, thrower or feeder.


Ouch!  I think this was a stinger!  Or a hard hit ball.

The second game Andrew was working the scoreboard.  He said he liked this the best!

Tally is a run.  Three hands out is 3 outs and time to change positions.

This was the first game I had sat through.  I must say we really enjoyed ourselves.  We are thinking about volunteering at the museum next year as a family!!  How much fun that would be!!

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Teresa Dawn said...

Love the outfits :) Looks like a fun day.