Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Opening Day at the Genesee Country Museum

Many people have asked me to put more of my pictures from opening day at the Genesee Country Village and Museum.  Did you know they even have a blog???  I'm REALLY hoping they post some of the yummy recipes that the cooks make in the village!! Hint Hint!

Anyway, onto the pictures...

This is looking down the street at the MacKay House and the Amherst Humphrey House.

Andrew...the new village statue?

The well behind Amherst Humphrey House.  I love to view the small details of the museum.  That is one thing I really enjoyed when I worked there as a housekeeper.

Interpreter telling us about yarn dying.  I could stand there for hours listening to them.  No matter how many times we go, we always pick up on something new.

Pots over the fire.  Something about the smell of an open fire. 

Wagon in the Blacksmith shop, Andrew loves this building the best!  I can picture a family in this wagon, loading up their belongings and heading out to homestead.  Such a simple, yet very hard life!

Spring cleaning at the Pioneer Cabin.  Putting new straw into the mattress.

Roasting a chicken in the hearth.  I love this!  It's hard to see the is the tan blur in the background.

I'm currious to know what type of chickens they have here at the museum.  I love the color.

Another beauty!!

Schoolhouse!  Our children love going into this building.  They read the chalkboard and try to answer it.

Oxen...Mike and Pat!!  They are SO big.  I can see why The Ingalls' used Oxen.

Cook at Jones Farm..this is my favorite house in the village.  They also make cheese in this house.  She was working on it as well this day.  Here she is making a rhubarb pie!!

Romulus Girls School.  This is new this year...the inside has been all remodeled and is now being interpreted.  I loved how the desks went from larger in the back to smaller in the front.  I look forward to seeing more from this building.  The building has been there but did not have interpreters in it.  It was also dark and dreary.

Such a beautiful table in the Livingston Backus House.  I wonder why most of us do not set beautiful tables anymore?

Crushing cinnamon..this smelled so wonderful!

There will be more pictures coming this weekend...we are going on the Civil War Candlelight Tour!! We are so excited.  The children are going along as an end of the year field trip.  We studied the Civil War a lot this year.



Jen Atkinson said...

Great pictures, Jen! As for the type of chicken you saw, I can answer that one for you. Its a black Australorp hen. That is actually the breed we started with 7 years ago. They are known as a very gentle breed with great brown egg production stats. We still have one lone hen from that first batch. The kids have aptly named her "Lucky" and she is a sweetheart. She'll let the kids play with her, carry her around...anything! Our newest batch of hens from last year are Red STars, and I have to say that they are unmatched in their egg production. Even more than the Australorps. They are also a very curious, gentle brown egg layer. Even the rooster is calm enough to be carried by the kids!
The black Australorps have feathers that appear black, but in the sunshine there is a definite green tint to them.

Linda said...

Thank you for dropping by blog and hope to see you again soon.
love the pictures-really neat!
I wish you a great evenng!

Christine said...
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Genesee Country Village & Museum said...

Thank you so much for posting those beautiful pictures! It's also nice to see you'll be attending the Candlelight tour this weekend!

To answer your question about the blog, YES!!! We will be posting historic recipes so please check back. We posted our first one a few weeks ago so if you go back to our first week(We've only been around for about 3 weeks now!) you should be able to find it.

And I agree with you! One of this museum blogger's favorite villages buildings is the Jones Farm as well!

Genesee Country Village & Museum said...

Check out our blog, we've linked back to yours in one of our posts!

The Bailey Family said...

I love doing things like this! Great post!

Prairiemaid said...

Jen, these are wonderful pictures! Can't wait to see the ones of Civil War Candlelight Tour. They should be even more awesome...if possible.

You have an award over at my spot.


Sandra said...

You know how to make me smile Jen :)

I just LOVE all your pictures and I do hope you continue to share them with us.