Monday, March 1, 2010

Book Review: Jane Austen Biography

This book was provided to me for review from Thomas Nelson Publishers.

I must say I loved this book from first sight.  I love the cover, so simple yet very elegant.  I knew nothing of Jane Austen before reading this book.  I have watched a few of the movies based on her books.  I'm planning on reading her books soon.

This book not only told about Jane's life but showed us how she came to the Christian Faith.  This book was small enough to be very interesting...I do not like books that are so long and full of information.  At the same time it gave us a complete look into Jane Austen's life.  It gave us a glimps into the world around Jane when she was born and growing up.

I can see where she gets the ideas for her..I believe that each character in her books are small pieces of herself and her family members.  I can see so many similar things.  Jane loved nature and had a great gift making us feel as if we were right there.  You can hear the birds, smell the flowers and also hear the gravel beneath your feet as you walk along a path.

This book held my interest through the whole thing.  I highly recommend this book to anyone intersted in Jane Austen.  Please go on over to to pick up your copy.  I read this book in ONE day.  Which I must say never happens...I have just too much going on around me to be able to sit and read that long.


Sandra said...

Ooohhh I'll have to get that one for myself, you know how much I love Jane Austen :)

Thanks for the great review!

Betty said...

Sounds really good as I've read all the books of Jane Austen and loved them but didn't know there was one about her. Thanks for the recommendation. I have to share a really great biography I'm reading called "Fear to Freedom" by Rosemary Trible. It's about the power of forgiveness, love and prayer in a women's life. It's an amazing story!