Monday, February 15, 2010

Mom's Bible Review

This Bible is the Mom's Bible NCV (New Century Version). I had never heard of this version of the Bible before receiving this for review. There are many features in this Bible that was very appealing to me. The "Our God is"..which will help you further your knowledge of God. "Questions kids ask"...will give you a starting point for some of those questions your children ask you. "Walking in"...will help you to bring balance to your life during your walk with God. "Godly character"...will help you strengthen your character and help you grow as a Christian. "Passing it on"... will give you a starting point on teaching your children about God. "Mom's in the Bible"...will teach you lessons from Mom's in the Bible. "Wonderful Counselor" like having your own Christian Therapist. "Insights"...will give you a great start to any day.

I do like this version. I have been using this Bible for my personal devotionals and love all the added feature. When I study a passage of scripture I love to read it in many different versions. It has been very easy to read and understand. I do not believe it has taken away from the meaning of the passages one bit. There are so many people who do not use any other versions of the Bible except for King James, which is fine that is a personal decision. Like I said before, I enjoy reading scripture from many different versions. This is one I do recommend to people.

This Bible was provided to me by Thomas Nelson Publishers for review.

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