Friday, December 11, 2009

The Sacred Meal-Book Review

Let me start by saying I received this book from Thomas Nelson for review. I do not recommend this book! Below you will see why.

When I picked this book I thought it would be full of theology about communion. I am bothered by her interpretation of communion. I was expecting a book that would teach me about the history of communion--The Lords Supper. She completely forgot to mention that communion is our way to remember what Christ did for us. She has more of the feel good notion regarding communion. She also talks about the closeness people feel to each other after taking communion. That is NOT what communion is meant for. We are to come to God in remembrance of Christ dying on the cross for our sins. Not to be close with the person who is next to us. She does not mention any scripture references in the book for the most part. I get the feeling that she believes we can save ourselves by living good lives.

In her chapter regarding the history of communion she completely leaves out biblical reference to it. It is sad that she has this practice, in my opinion, all wrong. It is about the sacrifice Christ made for us, His broken body and shed blood. I am going to ask my husband to read this book and give me his opinion on this as well.

Much like this book this post is all over the place, I am sorry for that. If you do decide to purchase the book to read, please just read on the side of caution. Go to Scripture for your answers.


Karen Stafford said...

Thanks for the warning. Sounds like one to avoid!

Rick Rouse said...

I coudn't agree more Jennifer. If the book had been titled "Why I love taking Communion" it would have been fine. But instead the prospective reader is led to believe that he/she is going to get a thorough discussion on the Biblical meaning of the Communion service, and we don't get that at all. I was deeply disappointed with this book.