Friday, July 3, 2009


Well it has been raining here since we pulled in yesterday. It cleared just enough for us to put up our tent and have a fire. We all got snuggled in for the night and the skies opened up and let loose! It rained all night. Around mid night hubby and I woke up to *drip* drip* on our heads. Yep...our tent was leaking. Here it is pouring rain and we are trying to collect all the pillows and blankets to make it to the car...without waking up the rest of the family snug as a bug in the camper. My arms full of my pillows and blanket trying to zip the tent up...hmmmm why you it doesn't get wet in there??? When the zipper gets stuck! I decided to just leave it...LOL! Made it to the car soaking wet...laughing so hard I could barely speak. How hard could it be to sleep in the car??? Recline the seats and snuggle in....yeah right!

Hubby and I laughed most of the night until we sort of fell asleep. Then around 3 am I woke up to a face peeking into the window at me. Talk about startled!! It was Andrew worried about us. He was sleeping in the connecting tent and started getting wet as well. So he also climbed into our car. Andrew and hubby slept pretty well. I just couldn't get comfortable!! This afternoon I cleared about a quart of water out of the bottom of our tent.

Well I'm off to find something to do while we wait out yet another storm! Hopefully tomorrow it will clear enough for the fireworks! I'm just rolling with the "punches". The kids are having a wonderful time here and we are having great fellowship with my parents...who are celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary today!!


Sandra said...

I'm so sorry about the rain but it does sound like a funny story, I would have been laughing too LOL

Hope you have a great time and the skies clear up :)

Keeper of our Family Homestead said...

Oh my...that is a funny story, although not at the time it wasn't I'm sure. Have fun and be safe.

Happy 4th!

~Mrs. M