Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday--Hannah!

Twelve years ago today, Hannah was born. Time goes by so quickly it is hard to even grasp. She is defiantly a gift from God. We call her our party girl. She loves any type of party and holidays. We will be surprised if she does not become a party planner.

Hannah loves to play outside with her dolls, only if there are no bees!! She is such a blessing.

Hannah has taught is to stop and enjoy each day the Lord gives you. She will spend hours outdoors looking at all the beauty in the world.

So Happy Birthday our little...or not so little anymore...ray of sunshine.


Evening Shade Morning Latte said...


This is the day that the LORD has made, Rejoice for it is your day!

Love, Evening Shade

Renee said...

Happy Birthday to Hannah! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.