Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Famous Firsts.....

I found this on the farm home life blog and it sounded like a lot of fun. If you participate leave me a comment and let me know so I can read your answers.

First Job: paper route

First real job: cashier at Present Co.

First favorite politician: do not have one!

First car: the "brown" bomber! Chevy Monza (I can't remember the year)

First record/CD: Randy Travis "Old 8 x 10"

First sport played: softball

First concert: Randy Travis in 1987

First foreign country visited: Canada

First favorite TV show: Little House on the Prairie

First favorite actor: Michael Landon

First favorite actress: Melissa Gilbert

First girlfriend/boyfriend: My one and only...hubby

First encounter with a famous person: Randy Travis....my Mom and I went to a benefit dinner he was there. I was so excited, but when the time came I was so star struck I couldn't say anything...LOL!!! But the dinner was great!

First brush with death: car accident in 2001...but I wasn't injured at all. Thankfully that is the closest I have ever come.

First house/condo owned: the one we currently live in.

First film seen: Swiss Family Robinson...I think

First favorite recording artist: Randy Travis

First favorite radio station: local country station probably

First book I remember reading: well the obvious answer is my Bible, but the Little House on the Prairie series I read when I was 9.

First meme I answered on my blog: The Simple Woman Daybook


Jennifer said...

Loved your answers!! Decided to do this myself;) Have a great day:) God bless

Anonymous said...


I loved reading your answers -- Don't you just love the Little House books?