Friday, April 17, 2009

Card Making

Back in February my good friend Happy Mama moved away. We used to get together on Fridays to scrapbook. Although many of the last Fridays we had we were unable to get together. Well anyway I haven't want to scrapbook at all. Until last night! I found this group not far from here who meets once a month to make cards. I have made a few cards but really want to learn more. So I joined, the company that the lady works for is Close to My Heart. I love their stuff. They have more stamping and paper products than other scrapbook places. Last night was our first meeting. We made this tri fold mini card. I loved it, it is so cute.

These were so much fun to make. Instead of card stock the woman saves her cereal boxes and cuts the squares from them. How cool is that. I'm saving them from now on. Then we wrapped the cards in paper and added a top piece.

Then we added another piece of paper to the underside of each square. In the center we put an accordion folded paper with the message on it. Some of the women stamped just on the outside and left the inside blank for them to put pictures. The yellow daises are hard to see in this picture. Well I must go, I'm pulling all my stuff out and working on my scrapbooks today.


Heather said...

Totally cute!!! My sister Sarah loves to make cards too! And it's so much more economical and meaningful than just buying an overpriced card at Hallmark! Good job!

Happy Mama said...

And it's FRIDAY TOO!!! I miss you Jenny!

Alison said...

Oh I love those! I enjoy making cards for others as well. I have something called a scrapbooking-card - it's a hard-covered fold-out card. I've used it many times! I intend to blog it one of these days. Keep your eyes peeled! :)