Monday, January 5, 2009

Simple Woman Daybook

For Today...
Outside my Window... Day light is starting to break. I never noticed how many cars go by our home this early in the morning.
I am thinking... It feels great, I'm starting to get my "old" self back. Also, how great it felt to attend Church yesterday. I really missed being there.
I am thankful for... The many blessings we have received during the time of my surgery and recovery. We had many unexpected expenses come up before my surgery. Things that we found out a week before that insurance wasn't going to pay. They amounted to around $500, which is a lot for us to come up with. By the grace of God we were able to pay for them with no trouble. PRAISE GOD!!

From the Learning Room… We will be continuing with our study of Brazil. Along with our study of winter birds in our area. My Husband has been taking over the schooling for the past month. Today is my first attempt at it. We will see how it goes.
From the kitchen... Many wonderful meals the ladies of our church have prepared. Our freezer is still stocked. It is such a blessing to belong to such a giving church.
I am wearing... a flannel nightgown, my VERY stylish brace and wool socks with slippers. Very chilly here this morning. But yesterday morning was colder....a whopping 3 degrees.
I am creating...nothing at the moment. I have from time to time worked on my son's afghan that I'm crocheting. By the time I get it done it may be a wedding present! LOL!!
I am reading... many Bible passages. They have gotten me through these past few weeks. It is so reassuring that God's Word is always there for you.
I am hoping... For a good doctor's appointment tomorrow. Also for continued healing.
I am hearing... The clock ticking and the dog snoring...LOL
Around the house... Many things to do, but I'm unable to do them as of yet. I am just so thankful for my Husband. He has really kept things running around here, along with his job and school.
One of my favorite things... Peacefulness of the morning, with the fresh smell of coffee.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Not much, I still need to rest as much as possible. School, doctor's appointment.
Here is a picture/video thought I am sharing with you... Our 14 yo daughter sang in Church with my Mom, her grandmother. I was sad that I wasn't able to attend so my Father made this video. The last time she sang this in Church she was 2 years old!! I never realized how much she has grown up...Sigh!!

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Anonymous said...

oh man not me agian lol

Heart 4 My Home said...

How precious!!!