Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's a virtual Tea PARTY!

I stopped by How do we Get there from here, and saw that she was hosting a great idea, a virtual tea party. I love getting together with friends for tea and fellowship. But it is so hard to get everyone together now a days. SO online there is no excuse, we are all here at least once during the day. Stop by her blog and link up. Then go check out the other tea party participants.
I am so excited because today we're having virtual tea parties, and you're all invited to sneak over to someone else's party, and see what they're doing, starting with mine. You might be blessed and find yourself invited to one or some of them! Here's the goal: on your blog, you answer a few questions or complete lead statements that I have here, submit some pictures if you'd like, link up back at my place (if I can figure that out tonight), and have yourselves a tea-sipping good time together! How does that sound? What we're doing is creating with words and/or pictures a virtual tea party. We'll discover, if you were to throw a party and invite your friends or even us, what your party would look like, what kind of taste you have, how unique (or not) your party would be, etc.

First, tell if you would have a casual tea party or something fancy?

Would yours be a fresh, springy one outdoors like the picture at the top, or would it be an inside fancy set-up like the one above?

I will use (fresh, artificial, or combination flowers)...

I will require my guests to dress...

Children are/are not invited...
I'm inviting (this many) people... (or, are we all invited?)

Would you send out invites, call by phone, or email?

My theme or goal for my party is...

I'm serving (this kind) of tea... and I'm using (loose leaf or bagged)...

I have decorated in this way...

I'm having (low tea or high), therefore the foods I'll serve will be...
I am/am not using edible flowers...

I will be serving other beverages, and they are...

Will you have a poetry reading or tea talk at your party?

I will use (casual, or oriental, or English, or other style) tea ware at my party...

I will give away...

My party will last...

And my answers are:

Come in and relax, we are going to be sitting on our enclosed porch (hey this is virtual!) As you enter the sitting room you smell roses. Like being in the victorian era.

There are 3 round tables set up in various spots on the porch. Each one has a white tablecloth on it, with a candle lit on each.

There are flowers on each table, some are real and some are artifical. The combination adds depth to each arangement. Each arrangement is placed in an old teapot.

I ask that my guests dress comfortable but not too comfortable, no jeans and tshirts or sweats.

This one is just for women. Next time perhaps we will have the children as well.

I am inviting 10 women. That will be a nice comfortable number.

I will send out handmade invitations then a couple of days before I will call them to remind them about the party.

I want all my guests to walk away refreshed. I would also like them to feel that they are back in the victorian era where tea parties were a "thing of the time".

I will be serving a variety of teas, loose and bagged. Not everyone likes the same type of tea.

I have placed flower arrangements on each table, I have a candle on each table and ivy going up the windows with roses placed in the ivy.

I'm having low tea so I will be serving tea cakes and sandwhiches.

I am using edible flowers on top of the tea cakes.

I will also be serving a lite punch for those (gasp) who do not care for tea.

My daughter will be reading poetry through out the afternoon while dressed up as Anne of Green Gables.

I will be using English tea ware at my party. They are just beautiful and go very nicely with the decorations I have chosen.

I will be giving away the tea pot flower arrangements that are on the tables.

My party will last until my guests decide it is time for them to go home. Since we do not get together very often.

SO come in and enjoy yourselves. Invite your friends.


Peculiar said...

Jen, I wish I were on your invite list!! Maybe next time, huh:)

Your party is BEAUTIFUL!! YOu were very descriptive! I love the window decorations and the fact that people will take home the flower arrangements on the tables. Lovely! You did such a good job. I enjoyed "looking" around your tea party.

Thanks for stopping by my place. I hope your blog readers stop by and create a party as well.

Linda said...

I was thinking about my tea party post last night my time, and your post helped give me some courage to try my post soon.

I loved your post.