Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Little Miracles

I was sitting here trying to figure out what I wanted to post about today. I happened to look at the calendar and realized that my nephew turned 3 on the 6th of July. Now in normal circumstances that is nothing miraculous. But the way that Dylan entered the world was nothing short of a miracle of God.
Lets rewind 3 years ago this past April, my sister who is in her early 30's was just 5 months pregnant. She started feeling ill and her husband took her to the doctor, they told her it was just the flu and to get a lot of rest. After about 3 days she progressively got worse, her fever shot up to 105 and she was incoherent. They rushed her to the hospital in pretty bad shape. After almost a week of testing in the hospital they finally found out what was wrong with her. She had encephalitis, an infection in her brain caused by the herpes virus that causes cold sores. They tried to battle it with medications but her condition worsened. Her brain started swelling at an alarming rate. They had to rush her into surgery to remove a part of her brain. There was really not much hope of her surviving, at least the doctors didn't think so.
I was not walking with Christ at this time, I was very bitter. My parents were calling everyone telling them to start praying. She survived the surgery, but she still had a long way to go before we would know if she would survive. She was placed in a drug inducted coma for about 3 weeks, it may be more, I just do not remember. My parents and people my sister worked with (she worked at the same hospital she was now in) they wanted to have a prayer service. I went and it was very over whelming to go through this especially not knowing Christ as my Savior I felt so alone. I remember the day my Mom called me and told me she had woke up. I was thrilled but scared at what I encountered when I saw her for the first time. She did remember family members but nothing else. Not much from our childhood, which was difficult for me. We grew up 0n a farm and did so much together. There were to be many months and years of recovery.
Now came the pregnancy, she still was unable to walk or do any daily things for herself like eat. On July 6, 2005 she delivered a healthy baby boy, they had picked out the name Dylan. My sister probably never be the same again. But God used this to bring husband and myself to him. This also touched many of the doctors at the hospital. She still struggles with certain things in daily life, BUT God also used this to bring her to him. She never liked going to church now she loves it and knows what it is to be saved. The top picture is my sister and the one below is Dylan.



Happy Mama said...

Thanks for such a great reminder!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! Wow that's an amazing story :-)