Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weekend Blessings

This weekend was such a blessing. I went with a few ladies from church to a ladies advance, one including my Mom. She was blessed as well. The theme was on Reflecting on the wondrous works of God. There are a number of workshops you can choose from. The three I choose were "Pass it on-our Christian heritage" this workshop was taught by a retired couple from the ministry. They talked about the mother's role in passing on the heritage and how we need to realize your children are a gift from God, made in the image of God, a sinner by nature and it is up to us to raise them in a Godly example. We can not save them nor should we try to get them to "pray the prayer" to be saved. I could go on and on about this one. I have to say they were my favorite. The second workshop I took was "Living above our circumstances-not under them". She talked about waiting on the Lord for his direction. Also how you think will reflect on how you act...."Are you a confident thinker or a negative, stinkin'-thinker" I liked that saying. When something happens you realize that it was God's will and move on. As hard as that might be. When things do not go our way we tend to get down and gloomy. When we learn to quietly trust God to renew our strength each day we will begin to sore like an eagle. The third workshop was "Are you walking your talk" which was about feeling like it is impossible to put your faith into practice. You go to all the sermons, seminars and you know God's word so why is it so difficult to obey him? She taught that you need to walk the walk, It's a willful choice to place yourself under God's authority. Open all the "rooms" to your life, not just certain ones. I could go on and on about the advance. I have such a sense of renewal in my Christian life. I learned that I was one of those who had closed rooms to God. I also realized that because I'm divorced doesn't mean God doesn't have big plans for me. So many times I hear Christians judging people because they are divorced. It's like the big "gasp" when you are in these circles. Divorce is like any sin. I've asked for forgiveness so it is forgotten by God. I realized that I'm NOT divorced I'm married to a wonderful Christian man who loves me unconditionally! My husband and I talked about this subject for hours when I returned on Saturday. My husband told me that he had surprises for me when I got home. My mind was going over what could he possibly be doing? When I got home I noticed ,with some hints from him, that he had made me the shelves I was waiting for in the bathroom and our bedroom. I was thrilled!!

We are wrapping up our 2nd year of homeschool. When I look back on the year I see many trials during the year. But at the same time I see tremendous growth in the children. Not only academically but spiritually. They have all made great progress in their studies. Our 14 yo put it best when she said, "Home school is not just about book learning its about life learning also".
Just when you think they haven't retained any information that you taught them they blow you away by remembering little details. Yesterday we were playing the board game "are you smarter than a fifth grader" They all answered a question that I really didn't think they would remember. It was great! We are also participating in a Postcard Kids program, where you post your email and people that are also members can email you and we mail postcards out from where we live. We are learning more and more about the world. We are getting postcards from all over the US and over seas. I was worried about safety but that quickly went when I talked to the "owner" of it. She has a series of questions she asks at the beginning, then again at the time your membership is approved. We are very excited about getting our mail. The kids love getting mail, and learning about different areas. We were also blessed from an older couple who had a lot of National Geographic magazines 40 years worth!! That they gave to us. They all fit into 6 banker boxes. We are having a great time going through all the magazines. We will use them to the fullest. Yes it is a lot of magazines, but we enjoy seeing places that we will only be able to see in a magazine. Its like traveling in our own home. They even gave us maps from their travels, Australia, Europe, Africa. Not only general maps but site specific maps. Its wonderful.


Happy Mama said...

wOW kATIE LOOKS SO PRETTY IN THAT PICTURE! ooops the caps lock was on!

I am glad that you and your mom were so blessed at the ladies Advance. I have to admit that this weekend was a hard one for me with Kevin's death and all that has been happening! It was an encouragement!

We are going to buy the CD's and send them to Barbra Kevin's wife with a note of explanation!

Have agreat rest of you Week!

Candy- A Pretty Home said...

Hey girl,
you are a GOOD writer! Love this post!