Thursday, June 5, 2008


Boy did we have a scorcher today here in WNY! It was 85 with a lot of humidity. It felt like it was well over 90. Tomorrow it will be over 90. yikes! I'm not ready by any means for summer like weather. The kids had a ball outside today. We found this water ball that you hook up to a hose then throw around. It had water coming out in all directions! We did a science experiment outside with water evaporation.
They had such a great time playing outside. I was tempted for a little bit to join them. But that quickly left.

Another BIG thing that happened today was I got my gift from my hubby. He had tried to surprised me with a couple of things but I found out before they got here. I got my Cuttlebug! I was so excited. It came with one party die so I took some paper and turned away. I can't wait to get more....or just borrow them from Happy Mama!

We broke down today and put our air conditioners in.....well my husband put them in. I'm not the best person to be around when its hot and muggy. I'm working on it though. Below is a couple more pictures from our fun today.
Our pooch Gloria, she looks thrilled doesn't she. Katie and Andrew jumping over the ball.