Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Half Way Through Results {21 Day Fix}

If you would have said to me a month ago I would love exercise I would have said you were crazy!!  But it is true! I do love it.  I look forward to it every morning right after my cup of coffee and devotionals.  There is nothing like starting your day off with fuel for the spirit and body!  This is by far the best program out there for nutrition and weight loss!!  I am actually excited about going in for my blood work this summer!!  Never before have I said that!

I am not going to post pictures of myself just yet.  I am still really self conscious about putting myself out there.  Maybe after a few more rounds I will feel comfortable.  BUT I will share my number with you!!

I am beyond the half-way mark.  Today I am currently in my 17th day out of 21.  If I can do this and stick to it anyone can!! 

MY results so far:

Bust- lost 4 inches
Chest- lost 2 inches
Waist- lost 3 inches
Stomach- lost 2 inches
Hips- lost 3 inches
R Arm- no change
L Arm- lost 1/2 inch
R Thigh- lost 1/2 inch
L Thigh- lost 1 1/2 inches

Weight- LOST 6 pounds!! 

I have struggled for years to lose weight.  I have tried everything under the sun with no success.  The 21 Day Fix has given me my life back.  I have so much energy!  I have not gone on a diet, I have made a lifestyle change.  The 21 Day Fix has given me my life back!!  After I broke my back I thought for sure I was destine to be over weight and just plain unhealthy.  I am on my way to being fit and healthy!  The workouts are great for anyone.  If you are currently working out or have never exercised a day in your life this is a perfect fit for you.

If you want to learn more about this or would like some added support contact me at !  I will be starting a Facebook challenge group soon!  But hurry because there are a limited number of spaces!  All you will need to do is purchase a challenge pack via my website, or if you have the 21 Day Fix you are all set!  The 21 Day Fix is currently on sale this month so hurry!  It is YOUR time to take control of your health!

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