Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Simple Changes

I just love it when I change something around and it just makes a room pop!  That's exactly what I've done in our dining room.  We have wooden blinds in the dining room.  I like them in the summer to keep out the heat.  I've gone back and forth about getting rid of them completely.  The dining room is always so dark.  It kind of gets to me.  I like things bright and cheery.  The walls are sage green, brown and white.  It's wall paper that is made to look like marble.

This is the before....
I like the curtains but with the blinds it was just so dark.  My desire was to have beautiful lace curtains.  Something like many grandmas use to have.  Something like a farmhouse would have.  When we first got married my husband made it very clear he wasn't fond of flowers and girly stuff.  So I always shied away from lace curtains.  The other day we were strolling through Dollar General and I saw some lace curtains I really liked.  I showed them to my husband.  He said, "Nice I like them".  I put them back on the shelf and when he went to work I ran up and bought them.  LOL!

 What a difference!!  Almost all evening I just sat and looked at them.  I just love them.  I sent a picture to my husband after I finished hanging them.  He said, "WOW, I love them!"  YAY!  He went onto say how much they reminded him of something his Mom had hanging in their home when he was a boy.  There is nothing I love more than to hear that.  This is his home also.  I want to make sure he is just as happy with it as I am. 

We have such beautiful breezes today.  I have the windows open letting the breeze in.  Call me weird but I just love watching the curtains in the breeze.  It is the simple things in life that bring me joy.


Karen said...

Your new curtains look so pretty! I love watching curtains blow in the breeze, too :)

Sandra said...

I love lace curtains, hence why my dining room curtains are white lace :) It really lets in the light and it does look so pretty.

Love yours, it does make a big difference :)

The Smelly Lady said...

Awesome! Not that my hubby has stated he didn't like girly decorations but ive always tried to decorate in colors or styles a man would enjoy too. I like the curtain. I picked up a couple of sheets and matching pillow cases recently to make curtains. Cant wait to have time to sew them up.

Kristina said...

Beautiful. I have all lace curtains (year round) in my living room. I love them. We are getting some nice breezy weather here this week too.